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RasereiRaserei webster, MAMember Posts: 1,023 Uncommon


This website has information on monsters, quests, items, crafting. Some of it is outdated, but for the most part, it's a huge help to understand the game.



This website is a crafting guide:


  • RingsideRingside joliette, QCMember Posts: 245 Uncommon

    Wow tks a lot for these info see you in game

    - Ankhenaten

  • majinantmajinant ChristchurchMember Posts: 405 Uncommon
    Good site. Has helped me quite a bit. Never played AC1 or AC2 before, but I am having a good time. Nice break from GW2.


  • logicwarlogicwar nottsMember Posts: 69 Uncommon

    yep ac2vault is the best info out there for AC2 right now. needs updating though.

    a wiki would be good also.

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