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Grouping in RIFT

ErxiErxi BergenPosts: 112Member Uncommon

Hi guys, just downloaded the trial and had a peek inside, looks ok and I might be interested in checking it properly out.


That depends on how easy or common it is for people to group. Soloing, for the most part, does not interest me. When I play wow I only level through dungeon finder. 


Is this game rigged towards solo leveling, or do most people group?


  • tokinitokini third hut on the leftPosts: 370Member Uncommon

    i suppose you could level through dungeons, and the instant adventures (forget what level they become available)


    nothing is stopping you from grouping obv., but you'll probably be mostly solo, outside of coming upon a rift that others are closing.

  • Asuran24Asuran24 St. pual, MNPosts: 517Member
    You can do alot of grouping though it is not like social grouping, where you will be talking and such, but more just group content that you do with groups of players. With the instant adventures the lfg in the game is not as easy to get groups thru like it was, but stil doable. If you want to do alot of grouping, and social grouping look into guilds,a dn having players you knwo that can  play with you. Otherwise alot fo your time is kinda lonely till cap, when you get alot of endgame play in (raiding,a nd expert play.).
  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Richmond, VAPosts: 1,538Member Common

    Rift has a lot of "group soloing".  Rifts, invasions and instant adventures have people in a group or raid, and there may be someone tossing out heals and someone tanking, but there is no communication involved and everyone is really doing there own thing.  They might as well be NPCs.



  • FlawSGIFlawSGI Woodstock, GAPosts: 1,379Member Uncommon

      It's the same as all other themeparks really. If you don't like that style then this wont be fun. Think wow with more densely grouped mobs in smaller areas. The game was verry heavy on solo and corridoring the last time I played though I hear the new expansion improved it. Mostly solo content where you see people for rifts


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