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Editorials at

Aela_DelphiAela_Delphi Friendswood, TXPosts: 5Member

Ryahl and I wanted to make a quick post pointing folks to the Editorals we have running up at our FFXIV Fansite  

In addition to the actual site, Ryahl is writing a new FFXIV column here at, which should have a new post next week taking a look at FFXIV from release to the "End of an Era" event.   We're both looking forward to any thoughts or comments from the community.

Our site is currently focused on discussions and editorals--however once the game moves into public beta and release we plan on adding other sections to the site including guides and walkthroughs.  

Please stop by and say hello, and give us any feedback on our current articles and feel free to follow us @EorzeaReborn on Twitter!


Anari Delphi -- Co-owner and author of
Check out Ry's FFXIV Column -- EorzeaReborn
Follow Ry and I on Twitter: @EorzeaReborn


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