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New Developer Diary

ezpz77ezpz77 Beale, CAPosts: 227Member

In this blog they're discussing Chocobo barding (armoring.) Not much else is said, but there are some pictures included.


Now, I can't freaking wait for this game, but this chocobo armor looks awful. The 3D model looks particularly terrible. It looks to me as if a Behemoth is pooping out a Chocobo. Also, it looks insanely uncomfortable for the poor Chocobo. Think of the Chocobos SE, please!


  • VanadromArdaVanadromArda Hot Springs Village, ARPosts: 445Member
    This is a Behemoth. It's mainly just for laughs and giggles, and I think the armor looks funny and amusing since it looks JUST like a Behemoth.
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