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Info about the game

Hello:) Please advise, this is my thought about the game.  Welcome to comment how you feel about War-Z

Generally: The game is in "foundation" they call it. Think it means they still working on it. I have no problems with that part. No such info about War-z in "Foundation"-state in steam. The steam describtion is actually how the game is going to be and not what it is now. Then it would be normal to give info about the game is still in alpha/beta, but is released for purchase, and these contents will be added later on. For me that would be more honesty, and players would understand that. An example of such a game is "Instellar marines" is based on building it up slowly and strong in stages and can be proved by releasing playable parts they make over time. And they have almost a bugfree gameplay, I´ve tried it. The war-z it feels like we go from half-made plan A and we have fully made plan B and C. But lets just release as halfmade plan A then B, C-plan. After that back to A and finish rest of the 50%. You know what I mean ?. People will in that point have time enough to refund their gamepurchases because the incorrect info for a futuric contents. Plus it will, if not it is, buggy, no gamplay as the actual footages. It SHOULD have been advertised as the game really is on purchase, as they released it. Not what it is going to be, unless they advertised it more properbly. Ok I think I made my self clear there :) I feel sorry for all players since Alpha. Some payed over 50$. I bought the game today(13$). I was excited it looked fun, pictures looked great and the gameplay should be great too., so I tried Then after a little while gameplay I searched in the forums about the game. Actually shocked me what people wrote...I dont know if either refund or wait for for the promised contents. Ill stand by for now..Dont want to be too j. More about the Community : Though we, unfortunately we have to wait and see what happens, the forums doesn´t look too well and Im actually sorry for the devs for being hanged out. Not their fault people not behaving within sense. Still many Legandary members say they have not made a single deadline or promises(not what I say). Perhaps it is why the costumers goes from dissapointment to rage. when you look in the forums. You will see a lot of it there. I actually was waiting for this game too. But Santa came in a socket he actually couldn´t fit in(lol). The global chat is nice sometimes, you can just chat or call players come over to you or reverse. Even trick them or just follow them on adventure at your own risk. A little about gameplay: It felt good in the beginning but it repeats a lot. Running is basicly the most thing you do in that game and looking for supplies. I played hours running, not least the maraton running across green woods. Too much green woods if you ask me and no zombies or items out there or places to explore, only you and mother nature. The only thing it is used for in my opinion is maraton running and sniping , if you luckily enough to hit in another player which is almost 0%, if low player amount. Another aspect of the game is the permadeath. You can have 4-hours permadeath or real permadeath. 4 hours too long time to wait(before it was 1 hour). As you noticed, it is not for actionpased people. Though there are times where you have to fight for your life, if you accedently ran into a group of zombies or a player. The heat of action intervalls happens each 5-25 min, depending where you located and where you go. Requires lot of patience and happy runner. The zombie AI is pretty low, they dont move a lot and only reacting from sound, and not light examplewise. Still most players do not feel they are forced to teamwork. Instead killing first player on sight(shoot first-ask later-Take player loot) Most are new players with no valuable items, who get killed. Can be a bit annoying to get beaten up soon as spawned, not to speak of the permadeath with 5 chars capacity.

What is the better?:

The game is great if you like running, tactic, realism, survival, Arma 2 stylish, Stealth. The music is really great and intense sometimes, and the zombiesounds are fine. The graphic isnt that bad either. Active GM sometimes join the game servers, is a good first step for communication,a service and mind to care. Continue updates and contents further in, hopefully. Not everything is in bad shape. A little hope to you from what I found the forum about the game updates in the future holds sticks and crosses and what else :) I You know it is never too late to change direction. or vision. I hope they do it. Even want to buy the game again if they do what they have listed from this link. lets see... It is not too late, dont loose hope.. "Fingercrosses"
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