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Ranger Builds

poringslasherporingslasher ManilaPosts: 59Member

Hi Guys

I'm currently playing in Valk and have a level 90 sniper atm. My goal is to hit ranger before christmas.

I was an old RO player (2003-2007) and only began playing in renewal last november so i have no idea with Ranger builds and such.

My question is~ what is build is better for Ranger?

My current build is:

Agi: 80

Int: 30

Dex: 97

was aiming for:

Agi: 90

Int: 30

Dex: 99

and pour whatever's left into vit.

i've heard of warg and arrow storm builds but i've never looked much into it. 

could you guys explain which are the PROs and CONs for various Ranger builds?

I'm not looking into much PvP but more on Boss Hunt, PvE etc.

my current gamestyle is mixed DSing with Normal attack. im not much fond of autoblitzing as it requires luk which i don't have.



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