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Extremely Interested in FF XIV: ARR

Alright so all day I have been looking for something new to play after guild wars 2 wasnt all it was meant to be and stumbled upon FFXIV: ARR, now when I first read reviews etc on the game "1.0" it was definitely not looking good from what I saw and read. I also had a couple friends in beta that were extremely interested in playing it disappointed now that its being rereleased I have a couple of questions before im 100% sold.

#1 - What exactly are they changing to make the game better? And what was the cause / causes of the rerelease?

#2 - Was the game solo friendly? or was it like the first FF mmo extremely group orientied? this question doesnt really bother me just curious I suppose.

#3 - How is class "job" balance?

#4 - Are the dungeons challenging?

#5 - Is there PvP or are there any plans for PvP?


Sorry for the questions and there all probably on this forum and many others just thought id throw this up before I go around searching... Thank you


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