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Hi everybody, new to AC2 and so far its really fun. Ive got each race to 15, but unsure about which to play. Im more into soloing hard content because I play wierd hours. I have narrowed it down to Feral Intendant, Tactician, Claw-Bearer, or Alchemist. Who can solo harder content. Thanks for any answers.


  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,194Member Uncommon

    Feral Intendent might be the best choice. Tacticians can solo quite a bit, but you are immobilized by your turrets. FI on the other hand is a tank class, that has pet support, and between the FI spec tree and the base melee tree, you have access to a large amount of health and vigor drain abilities.

    Any class can solo well, even the healing classes if using a good template, but the tanks (Defender, FI and Templar) have an easier time staying alive.

  • OdyssesOdysses Anacortes, WAPosts: 581Member
    I would definitely say Feral Intendant.  The class was so overpowered at launch it got hit with a major nerfbat.  But it still is a very powerful solo class.
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