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Regardless of what you think of WarZ this game is anything but and MMO.

I wont even touch on the games quality because it will just bring on flames, but how is this game classified as an MMO?  If WarZ is considered and MMO with 50 people on a server how are other games like BF3 not considered MMO's?  I have played this game and at no point did this feel anything like an MMO.  I was never interacting with more than 50 people.




  • IylzIylz Burgaw, NCPosts: 107Member
    MMOFPS, I guess because it's a persistent sandbox.
  • DollMighty8313DollMighty8313 St. Cloud, MNPosts: 179Member
    That still doesn't justify it though does it?  I mean then Minecraft is a MMO as well.  Actually i have had hundreds of people on a minecraft server so I would actually consider Minecraft more of an MMO if we are going to stretch the definition like that.
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