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It released?

JakeSimJakeSim Franklin, MAPosts: 749Member Uncommon
I see it under new releases on Steam.
I got addicted to streaming. You can check it out by searching "JakeSimTV". I'd post a link but it shows my channel embedded.


  • DollMighty8313DollMighty8313 St. Cloud, MNPosts: 179Member
    It is their "Foundation release" whatever the hell they consider that to be.  Either way it is no longer in Beta as far as most people are concerned and I believe one of the devs said the foundation release would mean they were no longer in beta as well.
  • drtack1drtack1 jacksonville, FLPosts: 272Member Uncommon

    The devs are "releasing" the game to make as much money as they can while releasing it with as little content as they can. Kinda dumb if you ask me!  

    They are staggering the content on a "road map" which is utter BS. I think they are doing this because they cannot seem to get a grip on the game its self with all the hacking and negative feed back from the testing community. Still quite a few bugs out there as well. 

    I should bash it too much because I havent played in a month. I will download the updates and check it out in the mornign and see what they have really added. I left because I was tired of being told "we are implementing clans and friendslist as well as stat system next week" then next week rolls around and they say sorry we have been focusing on the hacking and have implemented all thsi new shinny stuff and th hackers wont be a problem! Well the hackers went away for 2 or 3 days then all where back in game and ruining the legit players fun again.........I was glad they where putting the issues of hacking first but once you try 3-4 times and say eveyrhting is under control and every time the new hackign implementations will fix everything and the update fails every time and hackers still run wild and free and we still dont have the updates you promised 2 months ago..............I got tired lol.

    Dont get me wrong this can be a GREAT game if they can figure everything out! Hopefully some new stuff has been added when I check it out in the morning! 


    Oh yea and here is the post on the forums about their staggered content relase "road map"!

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