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NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

Hello everyone :)


Been a bit since I last posted, so I wanted to give anyone who may be interested in starting, or rejoining FFXI an update on our current Linkshell.


We started back in September of this year, and have since then become a thriving Linkshell. We have a great community of players who are all very helpful and willing to answer any questions, or assist with anything that is within their abilities.

To give some insight on where we currently are in game, most of us are rank 6+ with our city nations. Right now we are in the process of setting up a couple nights a week where we will assist all current and new members get caught up in content and gear so that they will be able to participate with the Linkshell in engame content.


As far as gamplay is concerned, we are trying our best to keep it as oldschool as possible, meaning that if we can we will form parties and camp xp like the old days, but we will also use the Grounds of Valor books for xp as well, in saying that though we stay away from zones like Gusgen, and Crawlers Nest, in favor of sticking to fights that are ment for our level range.


If this sounds like something you are interested in please come visit our new forums at:

Be sure to register using the in game name of your character so I know who to look for in game!



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