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Got the Miniature Winter Veil Tree from bag

PaddyspubPaddyspub mcpherson, KSPosts: 104Member

Got the tree and the lump of coal, are they both pretty rare?

Tbe Repopulation will be what SWTOR shouldve been.


  • AzrileAzrile Houston, MDPosts: 2,582Member

    I got the dagger the first day, sold it for 10k.  Have only seen one other on the AH which is also at 10k price.

    Really it is a terrible item.  It is only useful for rogues, and only really 1 or possibly 2 specs.  Now that hunters don´t use melee weapons,  AGI daggers aren´t in much demand.

    I haven´t gotten the coal yet, but there are a few on the AH for only 1k, so probably not that rare.

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