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Iraqi Shootout

iraqiiraqi Round Rock, TXPosts: 1Member


New site launched called

Text based role playing game for the conquest of iraq.

Please report any bugs you may encounter.




  • HikounHikoun Faketownsville, MTPosts: 5Member
    That is the worst thing I have ever seen.
  • gargantroogargantroo Dallas, TXPosts: 1,477Member

    /emote kills Republican trash

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
  • HankyTrykerHankyTryker Alexandria, VAPosts: 18Member

    This is realistic in that I thought it sucked almost as much as really being in Iraq did...


    Tryker Warrior Mage

  • jaslar18jaslar18 Quebec, QCPosts: 24Member
    I'm almost speechless, this is bad... Never seen anything like it ;)
  • rrakstarraksta MariborPosts: 16Member

    Two letters - BS.

  • SerienSerien Orlando, FLPosts: 8,460Member Common
    lol --nice time waster image
  • LreguizrLreguizr Unknown, CAPosts: 207Member

    Pretty strange game.

    However, I would rather play the game based on fantast rather than real life.

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