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Age Of Wushu PvP - Age Of Wulin PvP

RimmersmanRimmersman MonacoPosts: 885Member

Introduction to Guild Castles

Every guild is able to try and claim a guild castle if they meet the requirements. There is a fixed amount of 32 castles to claim in Age of Wulin and they are available on a first come, first served basis! (Requirement: Guild level 2 and 100 liang of silver.)

Each castle is directly linked to a piece of territory within the Jianghu. The castles are within the main game world itself, you don’t need to be teleported to a special instance or map.
If all the castles are taken, you have the option to begin a Guild War to take over a castle.
Guilds can own one or more guild castles in Age of Wulin; and we are not talking about a little gingerbread house but about a massive castle! A real one!

The size of each castle is quite spectacular. Your guild is like your home and your homeland is a place where you can live, feel protected, and develop yourself as a member of the Wulin.


Building Guild Castles

Within the walls of the castles, guild members can help build several facilities that offer a variety of services to the guild and its members, such as libraries, banks, and training arenas. Each building serves a purpose: improving guild members’ skill cultivation rate or generating money for the guild for example, as well as offering various other benefits. Therefore, contributing to the construction and improvement of these buildings should be a priority for every guild member.

There are 14 functional buildings which can be upgraded to a maximum of level 5. Every building has a unique function. 

Upgrading buildings requires you to gather a number of different resources; once enough have been collected, and the building upgraded, it will provide the guild with more bonuses. You will also be able to customise it by changing the colour of the roof for example, and of course by adding your guild logo tothe flags of your castle.

The guild interface indicates which buildings are available to upgrade and the resources the guild needs to gather.

Just as in real life, building takes time; so you will be able to see your building develop while it is in construction. The construction time can be reduced under certain conditions however.



Guild Building Functions

Guild Main Entrance

The function of the Main Entrance is decorative, reflecting the power of the guild: the more magnificent the Main Entrance, the more powerful the guild.

Practice Site
The function of the Practice Site is to help members cultivate their internal skills and improve their capabilities. The higher the level of this building is, the stronger the effect will be.

The Library
The function of the Library is to sell different life scrolls and improve the guild members' life skills. The higher the level of this building is, the more apparent the improvement effect will be.

Council Hall
The function of the Council Hall is to sell War Refusal Orders and other similar items. The higher the level of this building is, the more complete the items will be.

Guild Warehouse
The function of the Guild Warehouse is to store the guild ‘s resources and tools. The higher the level of this building the bigger the storage capacity it will have.


The function of the Treasury is to produce currency and help the guild to increase their income. The higher the level of this building is, the greater the amount of currency produced.

Training Hall
The Training Hall is used to study guild arrays and skills. The higher the level of this building, the more arrays and skills there are that can be studied.

Wooden Dummy
The Wooden Dummy is used to improve the power of martial arts moves The higher the level of this building, the more obvious the improving effect will be.

Plum Blossom Stakes
The function of the Plum Blossom Stakes is to improve guild members' Lightness Skills. The higher the level of this building, the more apparent the improving effect will be.

Assembly Hall
The function of the Assembly Hall is to employ a number of different NPCs. The higher the level of this building, the higher the level of the NPCs employed.

Contemplation Room
The function of the Contemplation Room is to improve members’ energy channel cultivation. The higher the level of this building the more apparent the improving effect will be.

Mechanism Room
The function of the Mechanism Room is to study the various mechanical devices used in Guild Wars. The higher the level of this building, the more kinds of device it will have.


Guild Wars

Your guild castle can generate envy from other guilds that don’t own one. Guilds do not just fight for rankings in Age of Wulin, but fight for the ownership of castles, territory, and currency! By torching and burning the buildings of other guild castles, destroying vital structures, and even kidnapping servants you must cause as much damage to your enemies as possible, eventually finding your way to the throne of the enemy guild castle to take it over for yourselves.


Guild wars are mass fights. Up to 1,300 players can take part in each PvP war. Both guilds can bring all of their members, and additionally invite up to 250 players from allied guilds to fight alongside them.


Age Of Wulins Sec Wars.


Sect War

What is a Sect War?

In a Sect War players can fight each other in massive battles. 300 people can participate on behalf of their sect, and it is also possible for a further 80 people to join either side from assisting sects, as well as another 80 people from the Jianghu.

One sect attacks and the other defends; a Sect War is won by either side defeating each of the tactical and assisting bosses at each base and then going on to defeat the opposing sect’s main boss at the sect’s main base. If you are on the defending side you can also claim victory by preventing your main boss from being killed. Each side has 3 assisting camps each, and one main camp. There are also a total of 10 ‘Elemental Contested Points’ which apply different buff effects to a sect when owned by them.


Elemental Contested Points

Elemental Contested Points are unclaimed at the start of the war; each elemental point has a buff effect tied to it which is applied to the occupying team when that point is controlled by them; they also act as secondary re-spawn points. There are 2 gold, 2 wood, 2 water, 2 fire, and 2 earth elemental points. Each point has a slightly varied buff effect, so if for example, a single sect owns both water element points, they will have two different water element buffs granted.


How to claim Victory!

To win as the attacking team the only option is to defeat all of the tactical and assisting bosses, and then go on to defeat the boss at the defending team’s main base.

As a defender you have more options open for victory than you do as an attacker. You can either be audacious by defeating the attacking team’s tactical, assisting, and main boss, or you always have the fall back of preventing your own main boss from being killed, yet this is not as easy as it sounds!


The Rewards

The first and most obvious reward from participating in a Sect War is the score attributed to your character for participating. This includes your Kill Count, Capture Count, Honour Score, and your overall score for each war.

A battle ranking will be in place and will grant you different rewards depending on which level of achievement you obtain, and whether or not you won or lost the war.

Fair Fight Balancing

Sect Strength
Depending on the strength of the sect you are attacking the rewards may vary. Weak sects will receive buffs to help balance their troops. When a sect classed as a ‘Weak Sect’ enters a Sect War, all of the members of the sect will have the buff ‘Strength of Unity’ awarded to them. This buff increases the duration of each character’s Parry Move by 200%, Max HP by 750, and Damage by 15%

Sect Numbers
Depending on the ratio of attacking and defending numbers in the Sect War, a special buff can be bestowed on the sect with lower numbers.


Guild War

What is a Guild War?

Guild Wars are an incredibly important and exhilarating part of Age of Wulin and life in the Jianghu. The purpose of a Guild War is to fight another guild for ownership of their territory, principally their Guild Castle. Every day, guilds have the opportunity to submit a war declaration against another for a chance to claim territory.


Declaring a War

A ‘War Declaration’ period will begin with an initial three rounds of bidding during which time, guilds bid in-game currency for the chance to enter a war; each bidding round lasting for a total of 5 minutes. Once the initial bidding is completed the target selection stage for the war declaration commences. Guilds get to select their targets in priority order, defined by the amount of currency a guild has bid.
Guilds who already own a territory and are declaring a war against another guild can select which of their territories is going to participate in the war, as it is possible for the defending guild to enter and occupy the territory of the attacking guild.


Preparing for Battle

Guild Member Assembly
Before the beginning of a Guild War there is a short time window in which preparations can be made. Guild members can either decide to make their own way to the guild war location, or the guild leader can purchase items from the Guild War Declaration Administrator  which can be used to summon guild members to the assembly point.

Defending Guild Preparations
The defending guild’s leader can establish their guild throne at a location in the underground area of the Guild War arena. If the throne is not set up within the allowed time, a random location for the throne is automatically selected.

Setting up Traps
Both the attacking and defending guilds can set up traps; the corresponding buildings for each trap need to be upgraded to the correct level and the guild leader needs to speak with the correct NPC in order to set them up.

Tips: Do not forget that you’re not allowed to kill or hurt a member of your own sect.



  • Vixious81Vixious81 BGPosts: 5Member

    That's good info thanks.

    But i'm not sure why it says the castles won't be instanced and be a persistent part of the world, can someone outside of the bidding guild or allied guild  take part in the pvp? in theory if it's not instanced everyone passing by could sneak in.

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,952Member Rare
    Originally posted by Vixious81
    That's good info thanks. But i'm not sure why it says the castles won't be instanced and be a persistent part of the world, can someone outside of the bidding guild or allied guild  take part in the pvp? in theory if it's not instanced everyone passing by could sneak in.

    This is how Age of Wushu works. The game is wide open. I'm sure there will be gaurds and defenses, but yes people can walk in, and people will. 


    Thereare spys, kidnappers, and muderers in Age of Wushu. There are also scouts, police, and overall goodie two shoes :p 


    None of you business what's in that bag over my shoulder!

  • RimmersmanRimmersman MonacoPosts: 885Member
    Originally posted by Vixious81

    That's good info thanks.But i'm not sure why it says the castles won't be instanced and be a persistent part of the world, can someone outside of the bidding guild or allied guild  take part in the pvp? in theory if it's not instanced everyone passing by could sneak in.


    It's all open world.

  • Vixious81Vixious81 BGPosts: 5Member
    awesome thanks.
  • mrBurns210mrBurns210 Clearwater, FLPosts: 114Member

    TY for all that. I knew this game was good but now it is nearing the realm of awesome for me. This game cannot go live soon enough.

  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon
    during guild war only participants can enter
  • Vixious81Vixious81 BGPosts: 5Member
    so 2 different ppl telling 2 different stories, guess ill have to try it out, but i fear this will be Age of Conan's sieges all over again,  hardly open pvp... with the addition of Pvp arenas this game will be an instanced fest.
  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon
    You got it wrong, guild war is only for participants, as for rest its open PvP, no safe zones, even while submiting quest You can be killed, happens often when new server is open and ppl want try it, there are also events with encourage to PvP, stealing skills from other clans, spying/patroling, rob other guild while they do escort, in future guild will be able to declare fight to other guild at certain map, then they can fight there for 24h without getting any pk points
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