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Returning? Maybe?

xaultxault Flat Rock, MIPosts: 1Member

Today I notice a email about TSW going B2P and I had a few questions. I've arleady played TSW on release for about 6 weeks, but I stop because I pretty much did everything (story / sp grind / full 10.2-4 gear) and I was sick of paying 15$ a month for 16hour 5 man dungeon ques and pretty meh PVP. My question what have they added to the game from the last time I've played? I've always said to most of my friends I would love to play it again but I don't feel its worth my 15% a month.

Things I'm looking for : New zones / New dungeons, not just hardmode added to old ones / New Skills / More Story / Raids maybe? not the Lair Bosses grinding, I hated doing that.

Something I'd hope and wish for, but I'm about 90% sure is the same. Is the PvP any better? I never had a problem with the combat, I just wanted better war zones or more of them. I also wouldn't mind Open World PVP, why TSW doesn't have Open World PVP with 3 factions that hate each other blows my mind.

Call me crazy but I like would like good PvP and PvE in my game and I felt TSW could of had both. Some days I like to carebear it up and others I like droping a Bane Stone on your city on christmas day.

                                                            (god I miss this^ game)

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