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TItan Icon - Stand Alone Character/Costume Creator Realized!

therain93therain93 Winthrop, MAPosts: 2,039Member Uncommon

One of the resident gamers and coders over at the Titan Network has done what many had asked for -- get the City of Heroes Costume Creator to work in a standalone mode.  Basically, he wrote a little application that directly  calls the costume creator function from the City Of Heroes client without needing to log in.

You will have access to all costume pieces, including those previously locked behind paywall as well as NPCs.

Please note, you do need to have either the City of Heroes I23 or I24 Beta client installed.  The link to the program and instructions can be found here:,7288.0/topicseen.html



Enjoy! ( ' :


Edit:  To the Moderators -- just for clarification:
  1. we have not edited the original client in any way.  Another executable was written that merely calls functions within the existing client resources.
  2. we are *not* distributing game clients, just the tiny application that was written. 



  • cityofheroessavecityofheroessave ca, CAPosts: 23Member

    I had to get some one to download it and send that to me. I got my account  removed by a temper contest that went out of control. what I did not like about the icon 1.7 is still cannot get a full game. waiting for it takes too much time.

    So I putting out my own ideas out and see who dose something about it. Titannetwork is not working for me.

    sorry. I tryed my best

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