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Been Away Since Cataclysm, Got The Itch To Come Back

FuryVFuryV Posts: 413Member Uncommon
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I played WoW since TBC up until Cataclysm. After a couple months of playing Cataclysm, I decided to give up WoW & play Guild Wars 2, as many others did. I've now leveled to max level twice in GW2, hoping to find something else to do once I get to endgame, but apart from doing map completion or grinding for a legendary weapon, there doesn't seem to be much else worth doing, so for ME that game is now essentially over.

Therefore, I've got the itch to come back to WoW. The problem is, people must be WAY ahead of me by now. If you check my armory, you can see exactly where my progression ended once I left WoW several months ago, so I feel I've got a lot of catching up to do.

In general, how long do you feel it may take an average gamer who plays maybe 3-4 hours or so a night to get up to scratch gear/progression wise? I just don't want to be lagging behind for ages & not being able to participate in raids etc, because of the fact I've been away for so long now.

Thanks guys.


  • sr7olsnipersr7olsniper Alhambra, CAPosts: 206Member Uncommon

    With the introduction of LFR it is not that hard  to hear up and keep up with progressions somewhat. It is not rare for people to get a full set of LFR epics in a run if they are lucky. I suggest you give the game a try, do a couple of LFRs and go from there.  If you like it then you might want to step up to normals or heroic raids but you wil already have the gear to do so. 

    There is a SHIT ton of content to go through at the moment and it might seem a bit too overwhelming but it is nothing that you cant possible hope to acconplish, it will just take time. 

    At least with a sub game they know that people won't tolerate bullshit and leave. With anet we have no recourse but to buy our own lube so our assholes don't get too stretched out from getting bent over a table at Anets will. - Hrimnir

  • borockborock Whittier, CAPosts: 42Member

    I would say leveling took me about 5-7 hours per level on average? 85-90 took some time. There is a difficulty increase in Pandaria, at least a noticeable one compared to the rest of the game. Things take much longer than usual to die, and compared to leveling in the rest of wow, you can't pull as many mobs in one pull.

    Started playing a few weeks after MoP launched, on a break right now, but was on the treadmill doing LFR/Heroics with buddies when I stopped playing a few weeks ago. 

    You run heroics until you feel you are geared enough for raiding or to do Looking for Raid pugs. 

    People are raiding already and have some gear. But as usual once the next raid tier comes around, Im sure blizz will allow players to jump into that content with Justice Point gear that allows them to jump into the tier.

    IMO MoP has more gear grinding than Cata did, and can take a while to gear up. Gear Treadmill seems to last longer in this expac. 

    It's kinda hard to fall too far behind in wow now, with the way blizz releases new Justice/ VP gear every new content patch to allow players to take on new content more quickly.


    have fun in pandaria if you decide to play!


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