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DF playerbase would dissapear if other options existed............

CaligoCaligo Portland, ORPosts: 11Member Uncommon
The thing is with this game, the minute competition for this title rears it's head people are gonna recall the bullshit AV has put them through and switch titles. I've literally waited since Asheron's Call darktide server for another full loot sand box experience, shit AV took it one step further and put in a FPS targetting system, AWESOME! But none of this matters anymore, sure you make a good game but you consistently dissapoint your player base, and I mean CONSISTENTLY. I know the minute I see something that has even a shred of a chance of succeeding and has some of the afformentioned qualities I wont even think twice about leaving Darkfall for good and delving into another title. The sad thing is most of the vets of the Darkfall community have this mind set now, AV has scorned us so bad it's literally what we think of the title now. I truly hope someone can produce some competition for this game soon because I'm more than ready to start exploring other options for the kind of game I seek, Sorry AV I tried hard but your just a terrible company, I don't know how else to put it. I may not even try DFUW anymore at this point, there is a grip of new sandboxes coming out that deserve a chance at my money a hell of a lot more then a company that has walked on me as much as they have.


  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden gdfgfPosts: 4,333Member

    All is needed is a nice shoot on a FPS and real time combat game with sandbox MMORPG dynamics  with FFA but real consequences and risk to it.


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  • Cstahler92Cstahler92 ormond beach, FLPosts: 93Member
    The board seems to have slowed down drastically. I've also seen people saying that they bought something else. What did they buy? No clue. I wish I knew though.
  • kozzmozz7kozzmozz7 LEUVENPosts: 10Member
    I dont think so, but i understand why you can think that.
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