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Buyer Beware! Rampant Mod Abuse

The War Z's forums are ridiculously moderated. I'm throwing my horror story in to the pile so that others can see just how god-awful their support is.

I was temporarily banned from the forums on my main account. I was told I was banned in the ban message because I was bashing the developers. The things that were said were not even from any of my posts, they were made by someone else. It was a mistake that the moderator had made. On top of this, I liked War Z and played a lot up until this incident. I had no reason to bash the devs. The accusation was baseless.
When this had happened, I created a second forum account and asked the moderator "Warren" what happened. I did not post on the forums with this account. I made it to find out why I was banned. He turned around and permanently banned that second account and told me to wait for the temporary ban to subside on my main account and then ask as I was apparently "Breaking the rules" when I made a second account to try contact the mods to find out what the hell they were accusing me of.
At this point I was pissed off. I was not only banned once, but twice for something I never said. So because of this I got a refund.
After I had gotten my refund, I stuck around the site. AGAIN, I liked this game and I wanted to play it, but the moderators screwing me around put me off. I tried to ask Warren to look at what happened and he said he couldn't tell me because their forum was hacked and all the posts were gone. Whatever, case closed. He couldn't help.

I stewed and left it alone for a bit. Then in someone elses thread about the moderators abusing their power, I posted why I got a refund because it was directly related to the problem. I was civil. VERY civil in regards to what happened even though I was hugely mistreated. I even kept a screenshot of that post. ( due to paranoia and their ban-happy mod staff)
After I made that post about why I got a refund, I was permanently banned on my main account and was called a troll by the moderator.
This is bull crap.

What developers dont realize is their "volunteer" mods are screwing them out of money. I still wanted to play this game. I liked it, I respected the devs, but one or some of their moderators are abusing their powers and it needs to be fixed.

If I were anyone already on the forums or whom has a problem with their game, just dont post on their forums. You're probably going to get banned. The abuse of their customers is disgusting and I wish MMO sites would just remove them completely from their sites and not give these assholes the time of day.


  • enik3enik3 Austin, TXPosts: 37Member
    Apparently they're pulling the same BS over at Steam. Valve gave one of the War Z develepers a mod account and the guy permabanned Steam users that said anything negative about the game, requested a refund, etc. Valve is in the process of unbanning those accounts, and hopefully removing this piece of trash from its store too.
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