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[Reciruting] SMITE - TAW (The Art of Warfare) EU/NA/OC

CrysieCrysie SkutskPosts: 7Member

Who we are:

The Art of Warfare (TAW) is recruiting mature players for our Smite Division! TAW is a premier global multi-game organization, founded over 10 years ago, with 1900+ membership and spanning 20+ games on every continent (except Antarctica).

Our Smite team will focused on:

* Competitive, casual gaming
* Training and skill enhancement ( In depth Game knowledge and Experience)

What we do:

Our Smite team has just started up and seeking more mature players to come and have fun with us.

Our focus is on accountability, training, teamwork, and communication. We treat all gamers with respect and expect our members to uphold these ethics. We also never put gaming above real life with the team, so don’t worry, you’ll still have a job, family and soul even after joining.

How to join us:

To be a member you need to:

* Have a working microphone or headset. (We use Teamspeak 3)
* Fill out a member application at our main website
* Be generally available 2 nights per week for team-play (we don’t mind if members occasionally miss some, we have real lives too)

Please visit our main website at

In the interim, feel free to grab a TAW member for a game or two so you can see if we're what you're looking for.

*** IMPORTANT: ***
If you apply please check the email address you apply under regularly! We will enter in contact through that email address!
And check you junk-mail if you didn't receive the verification mail

Thanks and hope to see you on the battlefield soon!

[b]And from ALL of us in TAW! A freaking Awesome Merry X-Mas to you all![/b]


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