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My MMO should be

senti02senti02 Bellingham, WAPosts: 96Member Uncommon

I read alot of threads about how mmo fails,what features are their lacking,how boring it is on end game,or no end game at all,so easy to max level,so hard to level,"omg another asian grind", its P2win, ah its freemium,and so on..

What should be the new mmo now?how can we say its not a WoW clone!? or Its a WoW killer,why cant i find another good mmo after i played WoW (many people say) Why most mmo nowadays is so easy that gets you maxed in 1-2 weeks?why recent mmo have alot but not much features but still most people says its not enough that can keep them playing?how can you get bored on mmo without even getting on the max lvl or even doing all the features?and how come you say its just the same old kind but different skin or style?

What kind,features should mmo have?is theres more to improve?add maybe? Graphics sure is improving, but i dont think most people base on graphics alone.

Maybe your opinion will help them (dev)

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