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Trading and playing a merchant

rounnerrounner CanberraPosts: 644Member Uncommon

I dont speak Russian so I am not sure. Are the places he visits shops that can be bought or rented? Is that a wizards shop for sale at around 11:00? Are testers already playing merchants yet?


  • theoneandonlytheoneandonly londonPosts: 102Member

    What u c in vid is an island where most npc traders r. They trade desiegn for housing, machinery etc. Kind of  npc trading market for players needs.

  • SkaldirSkaldir Port HopePosts: 48Member Uncommon

    Yes indeed, this is the official trailer for the island:
    It shows all models in small so you can preview them.

    Though there still is some merchanting gameplay where you pick up trade goods and transport them overseas with your boat, and then partly over land to drop them off amd receive some cash presumably. The interesting element is players are free to attack eachother so there will be thieves and hunters, just like in Silkroad Online.

  • SukiyakiSukiyaki Posts: 1,443Member Uncommon

    This island is more of a collective preview and trial area. The game has quite a lot of features and things to build and aquire you might miss or lose out of sight in this vast world. Its as far as I have seen not meant as a place for player to do their business rather than test these features in their different stalls (and probably purchase them either).


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