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Sandbox/Themepark Hybrid based on Rise of Legends IP

DSWBeefDSWBeef phoenix, AZPosts: 787Member Uncommon

So I found this game collecting dust in one of my drawers and I immediately remembered it. Its a RTS spin off of Rise of nations that features 3 factions:

The Vinci are a highly technological, steampunk civilization, whose buildings and armed forces rely heavily on the steam engine, clockwork and gunpowder. Its designs are highly influenced by the 16th century Italian Renaissance inventor and artist, Leonardo da Vinci. They are led by Giacomo, the Inventor of Miana, who provides the Vinci with a wide variety of creations to use on the battlefield. 


The Alin are a magical civilization, relying on Sand, Fire and Glass magic to create their infrastructure and army. The civilization is based on Arabian and Middle Eastern mythologies, such as 1001 Arabian Nights, and contains units such as Giant Scorpions, Salamanders and Dragons. They live in the Kalahese desert, mainly in the capital city of Azar Harif, and are led by the King and his daughter Arri, a master of fire magic.

A large portion of the Alin territories are "infected" with Dark Glass, a powerful magical element, created by the Genie Sawu when a mystical object fell from the sky (it was actually a powerful, and destructive, piece of Cuotl technology), that drove him to madness. In order to attempt to contain the infection, Sawu was imprisoned inside the city of Mezekesh, which was subsequently buried within the sands of the desert. However, the infection still spread, causing intermittent periods of Dark Terror, in which hostile Dark Glass creatures became berserk and attacked the Alin without mercy.

The Cuotl: Though the larger bulk of Cuotl civilization is made up of subjugated indigenous humans, the race is headed by an alien civilization, inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization and the ancient astronaut theory from Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past. Their name resembles that of the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl, and indeed a Cuotl air unit is called a "Quetzal Fighter". Four Cuotl beings, possessing high technology indistinguishable from magic, installed themselves as gods over the tribes of the Aio rainforest: Ix, the Moon God, Xil, the Sun God, Shok, Goddess of Storm, and Czin, God of Death. The units of the Cuotl army have both Mesoamerican and science-fiction influences to their design, seemingly constructed from both metal and stone, and many of them feature energy shields or personal cloaking devices. An obvious example of their Mesoamerican influence is Czin's name, which is very similar to that of Kisin's alternate spelling, Cizin, and who like Czin is also a death god.


The game would feature the 3 above factions which are all at war with each other. The game would either feature classes unique to each faction or a skill like system. Its main focus would be RVR like pvp across the 3 factiosn territory ending with city sieges much like Warhammer.

The Vinci would have classes like Inventor, Engineer, Soldier, and Assault Captain (uses mechs). Each class would feature different skill trees, For example the soldier would have marksman, medic, and shocktrooper. 

The Alin would have classes like Archers, genii, Swordsman, and Beast Tamers (ride giant Scorpians). An example of skill trees for an Alin class could be: Beserker, Assassin, and Captain for the Swordsman.

The Cuotl are a faction which are a bit difficult to think of classes for. They would probably have anubian like foot soldiers, priests, and technomancers.

With Epic Games hiring the majority of the Big Huge devs I would love to see them buy the IP from M$. What do you guys think of this idea? I think is pretty good since its not just another fantasy mmo. We really havent seen a steampunk mmo come down the tubes thats garnered any attention.

You can view the RoL cinematic here. Its quite good.


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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,344Member Epic
    If the main point of your game is that it uses a particular IP, then it's not going to be a good game.
  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon
    Why do people keep saying themepark hybrid? Sandboxes have all the features themeparks do and more. Kind of odd you would call something with everything already a hybrid, would be the other way around. Sandbox hybrid for themepark games, or simply just sandbox since you would be taking features from one to add to another. Cant realy add much to a sandbox lol, already has story, quests, etc.
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