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MrMongoose30MrMongoose30 Eatonville, WAPosts: 10Member
So after looking all over the Internet reading/watching countless interviews and reviews Ive found 5 classes to be in the game. Obviously this is still way early and may completely change but the 5 classes I have found are Templar, Dragonknight, Sorceror, Warden, and Nightblade. We know their are going to be 5 skills and 1 elite and I've heard that each class will have around 30 skills to choose from and several elite skills to choose from. Also every class can use every weapon and armor type, and using weapons and armor will unlock different passive and active skills, also every class skill can get worked up and changes into 2 skills to choose from. With all this customization for each class do you think 5 will be enough? My favorite thing about all elderscrolls games was the amount of customization you can do and so far I think Zenimax is on track. What are your thoughts?


  • FearumFearum Cinnaminson, NJPosts: 1,165Member Uncommon

    I hope there is more than 5 classes, have only seen the 2 confirmed that were press day tested and talked about so far so not sure where you got just 5, shoot a link to the source. 

    The amount of customization you can do with them is a huge factor also, with being able to use any armor or weapon and each of those having skill trees along with your base class will be pretty good. They were saying they want you to focus on the world and what your fighting instead of staring at cool downs, you will be dodgeing and blocking aswell.


    edited, not sure when I posted it originaly but must have been out of it after rereading it, so I fixed it.

  • Asuran24Asuran24 St. pual, MNPosts: 517Member

    Hmmm interesting to know, seems kinda like a union of what the old system was, and than using a more structured class system like in other mmos. Yet i would much rather have seen the skills divided up into several groups (kinda like tsw) with you being able too purchase/train the skills you wanted from waht ever group you like. but that also you needed some pr-requisite abitlies that bar you from using a skill if you do not have that required skill. While having some skills that are gained via attaining prestige classes (like the templar, dragon-knight, and such.)


    I also like that you can use any weapon or armor regardless of class it seems, but i hope we see some penalities an bonuses for using such things. Such as using heavier armor increases the chance fo spell failure, or even just that you take damage as the energy of the spells get caught in the armor an heats it up. So that a mage-like character that goes for a more knight-like amor/weapon set up would play different in many more ways, than a gandolf-like mage character.

  • MrMongoose30MrMongoose30 Eatonville, WAPosts: 10Member
    Armor will have to do with the 3 main stats. Light will give more magika bonuses, medium will give more staminia bonuses, and heavy will have to do with damage reduction which will help with health.
  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by MrMongoose30
    Armor will have to do with the 3 main stats. Light will give more magika bonuses, medium will give more staminia bonuses, and heavy will have to do with damage reduction which will help with health.

    that's pure specuation. 


    about the 5 classes thing,  no i don't think 5 will be enough.  they haven't said how many there will be.  so it's too soon to tell.

  • Asuran24Asuran24 St. pual, MNPosts: 517Member

    eh it depends on the depth of choices you have per-class in choices for the skills you use, and hwo they all can work together to make interesting, and fun combat combo choices. For me 5 classes that have about 100 or so abilties that all work differently together, and with the limited number of allowed active skills, that would give alot of veriety in the combat feel.


    An i hope that armor has more  impact on thigns than just your magic, armor, and/or stats. As than it would be somewhat minor in ways.

  • MrMongoose30MrMongoose30 Eatonville, WAPosts: 10Member
    The armor is not speculation talks about it at around the 5 min mark their are  several other articles and interviews that talk about it as well.  We don't know exactly how it will work but generaly speaking light = magic, medium = staminia, and heavy in some way will effect health by absorbing damage.
  • TheHoneyBadgerTheHoneyBadger Jax, FLPosts: 4Member

    5 classes sounds like a nice foundation.  With all of the customization hype I would believe that the options are enormous with just those 5 "base" classes.

    I am more excited about the customization over the "base" classes.  I'm not a skyrim/TES series fanboy but I believe that character customization in skills/armor/appearance are going to a major staple for ES:O succuess (IMO)

    Regardless of classes, PvP will always come down to a few key factors besides brains and those are: Burst damage, control, survivability and healing (not in order of importance)

    In PvE I am looking forward to a "Non-Trinity" approach.  Although I prefer Trinity over Zergfest, I think that many unique support roles acting in cohesion can make for some fun runs and encounters, as opposed to Tank, DPS, Healer.  Need more Tank, Tank/healer, DPS/Healer, DPS/Controller, Healer/Controller.  You know there will be the purist approach by players who want to be soley heals or dps or tanks, but the room for utilty and support will be everpresent  (fingers crossed)

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