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Game is not worth your time unless

LydarSynnLydarSynn Jonestown, ALPosts: 181Member Uncommon

You like FPS with zombies as a minor side point. However, the hacks and exploits ruins even that part of the game. Also, the dev's just cut the number of servers and upped the player max on the other servers to 70. This results in a game that more closely resembles a team death match more than anything else since the map is not big enough to support this number of players I would say the average survival time for new players is about 10-15 minutes right now if they are lucky enough not to get killed immediately upon spawning in.

Surival has no point other than to live long enough to kill other players. It appears to me that the dev's are trying to force people to use the cash shop in order to avoid being totally frustrated. There is no crafting, no ability to build a base and really hardly any features of an MMO. Zombies are not hard to kill and I would estimate that 90% of player deaths result from other players- many of them using hacks that can be cheaply purchased on the net. The anti-cheat system does not work at all. IMO, the game right now is nothing more than a money grab from low end devlopers with few ethics. For example, the game says on its FAQ that it is not pay to win and the devs promised no game altering items would be sold in the cash shop. Yet, right now anyone can buy 100 round drums of ammo for automatic weapons.

I definitely would not have pre-ordered this game if I had known this is how it would be.



  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,807Member Uncommon
    one day we'll know not to buy mmo's at release or in your case before release...


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