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Can take a Que from FarCry 3.

darkrain21darkrain21 philadelphia, PAPosts: 279Member Uncommon

Ive played The War Z now for many months and I enjoy it quite a bit. Minus the fact that everyone seems to think its just a deathmatch but when i can avoid that its very fun. For the past 3 days ive been playing Far Cry 3 and this game blows me away. The terrain is beautiful the combat is smooth and there is plenty to do. My point it The War Z could take a few pointers from Far Cry.

1. Driving- Now I know that driving in TWZ is not yet active but Hammer could take a look at Far Cry and give us a system that feels easy to pick up but actually kind of difficult to master threw such a rocky terrain.

2.Hunting-Now this is somthing that I would love to see in TWZ it would give more choice on how you would do it whether it be use a precious Bullet or some kind of trap system to allow for a more quite hunt.

3.Crafting-I know this has also been stated that it will possibly be showing up in the game but I get a deep feeling that it will be very very mundane as in they will let you craft a spike bat if you find nails and a bat. Im talking something even more give us the ability to craft medicne and bags and creative weapons. Like I would live to drink a water find some ducktape and then combine them to my pistol for a makeshift silencer. Farcrys is by far not this in depth ether but its not bad.

4.Exploration-This is already a big part of TWZ but not a part that i find myself really caring about. I go somewhere because there is a chance that it hasnt been cleared yet not because i want to just see what there or what it looks like. I havnt heared on whether or not Hammer intends to fill up the many many square rooms of nothing with things like  furniture and places for enemies to truely hide.

These are just a few things that popped into mind as I was exploring Far Cry and just thot id share.

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