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vote for Vanguard!

aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon

im not expecting us to win this, but a healthy showing would be great and could draw even more attention to the game:

"There are at least two kinds of games.
One could be called finite, the other infinite.
A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse


  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,505Member Uncommon
    Since it went F2P, no thanks
  • Darklotus79Darklotus79 HEBER SPRINGS, ARPosts: 61Member

    Errm? No way dude!

    Vanguard isnt the worst game out there but there is whole alot better that deserves my vote.

    I appreciate what your trying to do though , but your kicking a dead horse my friend.

  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 242Member Uncommon
    Why? You would think fans of the game would frequent this forum no? If not posting it here, then where? Sigh.
  • najob75najob75 ZagrebPosts: 40Member Uncommon
    Great game, voted.
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