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So new video anytime soon?

Apex-ExEApex-ExE Dryden, NYPosts: 14Member

Ive been refreshing AV's youtube channel forever i just want the new video to come out so badly! I thinks its going to be another warrior school (Slayer or Champion) because with the order they have been doing it it should be another warrior vid, a skirmisher vid, and another elementalist video. Seriously any one else curious about the new video? im not complaining im just ridiculously excited. Also check out my thread in guild recruitment if you want.

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  • georgatos7georgatos7 RPosts: 54Member

    I'm kinda checking everything myself (youtube, forums, Main Site).

    Desperate for an update atm either if its a video or preorder etc...

    Bad thing is that its 21:00 in Greece and still nothing even though the previews videos were posted close to 20:00 or something.

  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon
    they usually post something every friday, i imagine the office is hell right now tho.

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  • Apex-ExEApex-ExE Dryden, NYPosts: 14Member
    I was assuming they would want to get all the role videos out before the game releases so that certain roles dont have more hype than others. But if they wanted to do that they would have to release a video every day until the 12th.
  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COPosts: 567Member Uncommon
    I'd love some pre-order info. In the interview they mentioned some incentives.. i'm curious what they will end up being.
  • Apex-ExEApex-ExE Dryden, NYPosts: 14Member
    yeah its getting to be that time when they need to start throwing more info our way. the game launches next wednesday lol.
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