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Guild Wars 2 Youtube Footage Need It Now!

KellthKellth City Of Gamers, NYPosts: 46Member Uncommon

Guild Wars 2 Footage For Youtube


Hello i recently started playing Guild Wars 2 and i love it. It is a load of fun and i try to play as much as i can with school and after school activites. Thats where you come into play my school work and activites after school take up a chunk of my day and it is hard to get footage for my youtube videos (dissucion videos on Guild Wars 2). On the weekend i will be able to play a lot so i will be able to get my own footage on those days especially since i have a lot of time and because i will be doing Guild Wars 2 commentaries. All in all i will give credit to your Youtube channel or just name or in-game name in the descripition bar below. I also require that you give me full rights to use your video on my channel on Youtube.


What your footage should be


With that all being said i would like footage without personal stories in it because i do not want the viewer seeing what will happen next in he/shes personal storie. I would like the footage to be adventuring into the lands of Guild Wars 2, PVP , Dungeons and so on. Dynamic events are awesome so

if you can get those go right ahead!

My Thanks


Thank you very much for taking your time out of your day to read this post here on If you are intrested in giving me your footage of Guild Wars 2 that would be great! 


My Info


I am on Eredon Terace, the sever in Guild Wars 2. I have a guild named [Warriors Of The Land]. 

My youtube is: Kellth8

(I have not started my Guild Wars 2 videos on Youtube yet. I will start them shortly and a lot of my channel will be devoted to Guild Wars 2.) 

So head down to my channel click the subscribe button and enjoy Guild Wars 2 footage.

How To Send The Footage In

PM my account here on and we can talk further about your footage and how i can obtain it from you.






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