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focus on what you want

mmoHopefulmmoHopeful Barrington, RIPosts: 6Member

 I would like to start a thread on concepts you would like to see in future MMORPGs to help progress the genre in the right direction. Brax seems to be acknowledging fan advice rather intently, so I thought this would be the perfect place to discuss.


>> i have no coding experience, so these ideas may be impossible to implement


Ideas to create a more immersive environment:

Each character is born into the world under a different NPC, in a different area.  You are placed in a unique situation that corresponds to the life of the NPC you are placed under. As you progress through the game you will always have a place to call home, may it be a tavarn in the city or a farm in the subburbs. Npc are now integrated with the player base. If you attack a city and kill a barman then his player son will be notified of the player who killed their father and he can seek vengence.

You should have perks based on the life you are placed into. If you are born into a royal family you should  have better access to training and initial gear. If you are born an orphan you should be less well off but with better survival skills. The perks should balance eachother other out.

Players should be able to have a personal network of npcs you can ask favors from. If your a high born then your initial network may be large but not loyal. Whereas growing up on the streets you may only have a few connections but they were hard earned and as such, much stronger bonded. If you need new weapons you can track down and old friend of a friend, or a ship to sail to sea. NPCs remember the deeds you do for them, which help you bargin.


>>There should be universities like in Fable and Elder Scrolls.

Furthermore NPCs should have actual lifes. If players have permideath than so should NPCs. If you kill a farmer npc (an npc that owns an actual farm) his crops should die. If you hire someone to take you on a trip across the sea then they should be unavailable to other players for that duration.

Combat that actually inflicts wounds:

I think combat should actually display injuries. As a fight progresses you should grow weaker and less powerful depending on your toughness and armor. If not immediatly then after many fights, your body should begin to limp or be bloody and bruising.

You should be forced to seek an entertainer or doctor (swg). You should actually get paid for your professions. If you trained to be a doctor you should be able to interact with NPCs that need care, get paid. Or refuse payment and expand your network of NPCs.







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