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The Repopulation: Social Skills & PvP Detailed in Latest Letter

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The latest state of the game letter has been posted on The Repopulation's site. While no patch was released in November, the letter indicates that the team was at work on significant additions that will be deployed in December including PvP additions and the new social skill, "Entertainment".

Equally important is the addition of many of the games PvP features. We've made it easier to players to identify opposing factions, and introduced PvP related extensions to both missions and engagements. PvP wasn't the only improvement for engagements though this month. We also introduced a new "cooties" system which opens the door for a number of interesting new engagement types. We have opened a new fast recurring PvP engagement that takes advantage of all these features and given players the ability to teleport to it for testing.

Read the full letter on The Repopulation's site.



  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon



    Very nice

  • GwapoJoshGwapoJosh Auburn, INPosts: 1,013Member Uncommon
    Drooooooooooooooool  indeed!!!  Can't wait!

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  • Dunamis1701Dunamis1701 Lexington, KYPosts: 1Member

    Sci-fi... Sandbox... MMORPG ...

    Three words I've been waiting a long time to hear together in a description of a new MMO.  This one looks like it could genuinely deliver on those as well...  I will be watching with great anticipation. 

  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,096Member Common
    I can hardly wait for this

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