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Open Beta - Is a reseting of a server at the end bad form?

worldalphaworldalpha Milton, ONMember Posts: 403

Well, we are in the midst of 3 rounds of weekend closed beta.  In January, I want to do a week closed beta, and then I'd like a month or more of Open Beta.  My plan was to reset the server and then launch.  But what I've heard from a gamer, is that most Open Betas don't reset, but just launch with current open beta tester accounts still intact.  Is this the case?  I don't want to do a big PR blunder here.  I know I can talk about reset, scream out reset, and still gamers will expect to keep their accounts if this is the norm for open beta.  Anybody shed some light on Open Beta and server resets.  Thanks.


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  • MawneeMawnee Spring Hill, FLMember Posts: 222 Uncommon

    I've beta tested MANY MMOs and nearly all have wiped before launch. The reason for this is that during beta things were changed or exploits were used that would carry over an unfair advantage intot he retail community.

    Some newer games have carried over characters from what they call "open beta" weekends. But I wouldnt really call these true betas. In all these cases the game is already completed and finalized for retail launch. They are simply putting up a free trial ahead of launch to grab more buyers. The carry over of characters is an extra incentive bonus to hook the player into buying the game.

  • ToxiaToxia Member Posts: 1,306 Uncommon

    They are flat out lying lol.

    Open beta's are where many many bugs are found, the most serious ones involving the economy's currency, and in turn, anything that currency can buy.

    Ex: Killing a mob should reward you 10 cents. instead, it gives 10 dollars. They will farm it over and over again to make lots of money.

    You find serious ones like this in open beta. Solve them, wipe the servers, and you have a better economy to show for it.

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  • SoliloquySoliloquy Somerville, MAMember Posts: 128 Common

    I would reset them.

    There are some games that do keep the data but in the past the games would close and then launch. Unless you have a reason to stagger the players in game (so, keeping the higher level players to move on and then introduce new players) I think it's perfectly acceptable (and preferable) to allow them to all start fresh.

  • SilokSilok Mascouche, QCMember Posts: 732 Uncommon
    The only game i saw who did not wipe character after open beta was Raiderz and the release was already infest with gold sellers, any others mmo i played beta had a reset. So my advice wipe before release.
  • DraxonflyDraxonfly Wagga WaggaMember Posts: 126 Uncommon
    Yeah, you should reset after the Open beta before launch .. would never expect a game to keep anything after any sort of beta is finished.
  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOMember Posts: 2,732 Uncommon
    Wipe them clean. Fresh start for all.

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  • Jester92Jester92 Lafayette, LAMember Posts: 156

    Seek advice and advice you shall recieve, a great choice for a new developer... unlike some.. COUGH SOE COUGH...

    It is my belief that there should be a server wide reset, WHILE maintaining some sort of system to ensure players maintain their origional in-game identites.  The reset makes way for new players who were not involved in beta and at the same time caters in a way to beta testers, its also a decent idea to give a founders title of sorts or something to signify that the person was involved in beta testing in the actual post launch gameworld, it makes the player feel special, while not making them a leading power in the new gameworld by already being leveled up etc.

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  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAMember Posts: 10,910 Common

    Everyone should start at the same point when a game releases. Beta testers are getting to play a game before it releases to decide whether or not they want to play the game. That in itself is a perk. I'm not against additional, non-combat rewards for beta testers (appearance gear or titles for instance), but really, they've already gotten a bonus by playing the game ahead of time.

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  • worldalphaworldalpha Milton, ONMember Posts: 403
    Wow, the response is overwhelmingly to reset.  Which is what I was feeling.  As mentioned, it would be a lot of pressure to make sure that any exploits discovered were dealt with fairly, etc.  By having a fresh start any issues, bugs, exploits found in open beta, would be wiped clean, and everyone would begin on equal footing.

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  • atuerstaratuerstar melbourneMember Posts: 234

    The player whom told you this is lying in order to manipulate you for their own benefit.


    Reset so all players start on an even playing field at release. The very most I would do is let them keep character names as a thank you for helping.

  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIMember Posts: 376
    IMO there should always be a wipe once beta ends.
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