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Tantra Online - Open Beta No Longer

ShingenShingen Honolulu, HIPosts: 40Member

Well, today marks the first day of p2p for Tantra Online. I enjoyed it and I wish I got to play it more often. Just wanted to anounce this since the Game List here at still has Tantra marked in Open Beta.




  • bloodmagicbloodmagic woebdiecityPosts: 2Member

    I think Xiah is way cooler then Tantra...Just my opinionimage

    or here..

  • ShingenShingen Honolulu, HIPosts: 40Member

    I played em both, and I think Tantra has amazing graphics compared to Xiah, and a better community system, and it's much easier to understand and play. Xiah I played for 5 minutes and quit and uninstalled it. Tantra i played for a few weeks until it became p2p. Xiah can use a LOT of improvement.. but thats just my opinion =).

  • ionicwingsionicwings ParaPosts: 109Member

    if you like the point-click system then xiah is for you

    if you like a cheaper lineage2-like game, then tantra is for you ::::20::

  • EliteGurkeEliteGurke DonauwörthPosts: 4Member

    Tantra's no longer a good MMO.
    Cheats and Hacks are all over the game.
    As a new player you are going to grind day after day and still you won't accomplish anything. Sad, it turned out like this...

  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 11,718Member Uncommon
    As I stated, American's shouldn't bother with Tantra. Their support team is so corrupted anyway.

    -In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08-

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