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Archlord X... Search party of 3

serratedpigeonserratedpigeon forked river, NJPosts: 7Member

I guess it's just me, but nobody else seems to notice, or care, that AX magically disappeared and i haven't seen any official posts about it on Webzen at all...

Did it flop that bad during the beta that they decided to just pour resources into the outdated original Archlord?



  • RasereiRaserei webster, MAPosts: 1,022Member Uncommon

    If Archlord had a ton of polish, it would be a great game.


    Way to many issues such as no widescreen, point and click movement (WASD is too buggy to be considered), ultra grindy.....


    These three issues alone would make it a lot better.

  • TrixyTrixy new oxford, PAPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    ArchlordX was a fun game in Beta , realy do hope it did not go wayside  .....
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