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Classic server?

eAzydamaneAzydaman UmeaPosts: 218Member


Is there anyway to play DAOC on a server with only DAOC + SI expansion? Didn't they talk about something called Origins etc?

Follow up question, are all the devs that were there in the beginning scattered around in other companies now? I know some of them work on GW2 etc. Noone heard anything about Mythic doing another MMO?


  • AconsarAconsar Narvon, PAPosts: 262Member

    Origins was teased about for years, but it never came to fruition.  The old classic servers (no ToA etc) were shut down in favor of normal server cluster because everyone ended up migrating away from the classic servers after a few years of popularity.


    We won't see another MMO made by Mythic; they've long been absorbed or disbanded one by one by EA.  And after the immense flop of Warhammer, they've taken that (HORRIBLE) game engine and turned it into a flavor of the month MOBA clone.   As much as I'd like to see DAoC 2 done correctly, our only hope is Elder Scrolls Online for PvP since it has old Mythic devs working on their three faction PvP balance.

  • Galelimos13Galelimos13 Lima, OHPosts: 5Member

    You can play on freeshards....its classic ..its active ...its the glory years! Plus no buff bots and old frontiers.






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