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1st person mmo - key concepts

redhound13redhound13 tallahassee, FLMember Posts: 3

Hello! New here. I have been searching for a concept forum and was really exited when I stumbled here.There is always the expected content within a game, wether that be leveling, grinding, or whatever tasks you enjoy most. I wanted to shoot some ideas back and forth, and see how people reacted to them whether that be intrigue or rejection. I love feedback, or constructive critisism. I thank you in advance for reading


Key Concepts

1st person fantasy mmorpg

Pvp driven world, taking towns/settlements established by other factions

Faction elimination and progression

Still having PVE immersion, raiding, dungeons, quests and so fourth

Eliminate the grind

"Build a class" character building, with Class titles based on skills

Server timelines and events

Micro-servers, server types


Factions, Guilds, player affiliations and reputations

One major aspect of all mmo's is the social interaction with other players or experiencing the game itself. Playing with friends, meeting new people, trolling noobs. Whatever. I just wanted to tweak it so players can feel more in depth with the game.


Players would decide their own allegences and factions, based on how they wanted to play. There would be no "Major" factions as seen in most mmo's, but some would be more prominent than others. Players would join NPC factions within the game, which would be geared to different playstyles. Obviously a military faction would be geared towards pvp, as opposed to a mercenary faction would be geared towards dungeons and questings. Other factions could include more specialized tasks, such as assassins would kill "important" npc's or bounty hunters would hunt players for the reward on their head. Some factions would be aligned or enemies with other factions, so it's up to the players discression.

Lets take military faction A. As stated before, this would be one of the pvp factions in the game, geared towards battelground like games and attacking opposing faction settlements and claiming it in the name of thier faction.  The settlement may be taken back by other factions as well. New npc's would spawn, offering quests and missions. In theory, the faction could take over the entire map eliminating other factions completely.

Players could create new independant factions, like bandit raiders or others in the hopes of making a new empire. This would be a player run faction, with an actual player being the faction leader. Players within npc factions could create guilds within the faction, appointing leaders under general guidelines. The faction interface would allow all players within the faction to talk, as well as leader thier own interface to talk amongst themselves.

Certain factions may have a different interface than other factions, however. As noted earlier, since a bandit clan is independant, they can fight amongst themselves in different guilds inside the faction, breaking off into new factions and warring against eachother. This is all completely at player discression. This is all still very political, but its just a theory.


Factions and guilds will have affilations with other guilds, allies or enemies. You don't feel like pvping? Message an allied faction and see if they want a quest buddy. You aren't restricted to following the exact guidelines in your faction, but they are geared toward how a player wants to play. You may leave a faction to join a new one, but that may come with consequences, so discression is warned.


As expected, the player gains individual reputation with their own faction and other factions. From being worshipped, with massive benifits in a faction, to being hated where you will be attacked onsite, or being feared where a faction is so afraid of you they flee onsite before they would even fathom messing with you.

Eliminating the grind, Class building and titles

I have leveled so many characters, that I wanted somethng refreshing. I enjoyed having character guidelines, but I wanted a change. Building your own class. This has, in many different forms, been implemented by different games. You want to be good with a bow but want to heal AND be sneaky? I don't see why not. The game doesn't need to be complicated or graphics so beautiful it would make an angel cry. It needs to be simple enough to play, basic enough to people with crap  computers to have fun, and strategic enough for you elitists. Build a class lets you play how you want to play, master spells and skills making them better as you use them, and perfect your playstyle. You can unlearn any skills to pickup new ones if you get tired or you want to be the absoloute best. So far I have a over 60 different trees ranging from every element, stealth, beast taming, weaponry, armor types, summoning familiars...its pretty big. I also have about a dozen completely different races. None of your fan-boy garbage. So far I have it capped out so you can master 20-30 different individual skills, each tree maybe having about 10-15. But there is no restrictions, you can have ANY skill or spell from ANY tree, as long as you find it. A player who has mastered a certain skill or spell can teach it to you. Players aren't restricted to not using items if they don't have the skill yet, they just won't be profficient at it. Some skills and spells are self taught, some can be taught, and some have to be found.


Players are awarded class titles based on what skills they have. You good at bows? Sport your archer title, or marksmen at mastering the ranged weapon tree. You mastered the fire tree? Move up from the basic mage title to Pyromancer. I want the player to be awarded with titles on how they want to play and be seen.

Server Time lines and Events

Like I have mentioned and elaborated, the world is player driven by their choices. I don't want genaric randomized quests, because I can tell the difference. If a faction is prominent in a certain area, and some sort of cataclysmic event happens, THEY respond. If something is going to affect the world as we know it, all the remaining npc factions will "unite" or die trying. See where I am going here?

I wanted to have intervals of certain events, wether they be npc, zone or world events. And some events may stricly depend on what factions rule what, or if they even exist at all.

I have allready contemplated the faction settlement issue. What happens if a settlement is taken back and forth and quests can never get done? Well, i wanted this to be on a timer. The settlement can be attacked at any time, but there is a duration on which it cannot be taken over for a long time. It's still very political.

World Evolution

Other then taking settlements, I wanted non-pvp methods on how to change the enviroments. From questlines, or elimating hostile npc factions, or player simply NOT taken care of a dungeon full of bandits who so happen to grow and become a real problem...things of that nature. A world that actually evolves, with or without the player.

Server Reset

Regarding the timelines, I had thought of an event that caused the server to "reset" back to its uneffected state, before any settlements were taken, or player actions were made. This way players on the server could go a different route, unlocking different paths for players.

Server Types

I wasn't going to leave these out.

Friendly - Flag yourself, or don't. The game will progress just fine without you guys fighting. Each server has a set storyline based on what happens. Deal with it.

Hardcore - Do you even lift?

RP friendly/hardcore - Keep the cybering off general chat

Micro servers

I wanted to keep populations lower, reduced populations for eliminate overcrowding and server issues.

Interchangeable servers

I never liked this idea, but it may be plausible. Don't like that your faction is dead? move to this one, yours is huge. Maybe. IDK yet.


I understand that this concept is pretty...well. its something. Give me your opinions on what you like or don't like. And yes I understand making a concept is completely different from actuallying implementing, designing and testing a final product.










  • miguksarammiguksaram Fort Meade, MDMember Posts: 826 Uncommon

    Outside of a few of the items you listed this game did exist for a short time, it was called Shadowbane.  Again it might not have been perfect but it was as close to what you decribed as I've personally ever seen succeed, that is until it failed...

    Just to be sure my statement above isn't taken in the wrong text, I did say state it wasn't exactly as the OP laid out but rather the closest I've personally seen that at least lasted a number of years before being shut down.

  • redhound13redhound13 tallahassee, FLMember Posts: 3
    I see. I will do some research on shadowbane then. Much tnanks!
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