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invite code pls for world of warplanes

coolnxtdrcoolnxtdr albany, NYPosts: 2Member
does anyone has invite code for world of warplanes?


  • HamerynnHamerynn Smyrna, TNPosts: 1Member
    I second that emotion, anyone?
  • fireberdfireberd bacolodPosts: 1Member

    how can i get a key


  • LordEbolaLordEbola hanford, CAPosts: 50Member Uncommon

    Two invite codes to the Closed Beta Test for your friends:




  • t0rttut0rttu PoriPosts: 1Member

    Those codes were unfortunately in use already. I really would like to get working code, I've been trying everything out in last 2 days and getting really desperate :)

    If you just have a code to share, I would appreciate that a lot! Thank you already even you dont.


    Wintry King Regards, Topi (t0rttu)

  • ExtreMlySlayerExtreMlySlayer herePosts: 1Member
    please some one send me a 1 key!!!
  • kevin30591kevin30591 Ho chi minhPosts: 1Member

    who have code can share for me :(?

    My email


  • josenr5josenr5 maracayPosts: 1Member
    send me invite code plis
  • sebelik1sebelik1 The street 548, NYPosts: 1Member
    Please beta key for world of warplanes to send us email: thanks
  • wewterwewter Northridge, CAPosts: 19Member

    Sorry to do it this way gents, but here are two keys, first-come-first-serve!

    Enjoy!  I do also recommend trying out War Thunder, as it's a more realistic ww2 combat flight sim.




    Past [MMO] Games: Lineage 2 (quit c5), Aion, RIFT, SWTOR
    Current[MMO] Game(s): TERA
    Future [MMO] Game(s): ArcheAge, Blade/Soul

  • GaRReTT2kGaRReTT2k LondonPosts: 2Member

    I want to test World of Warplanes. Have anyone a EU Beta Key? :-) US Keys doesnt work :-(

  • Mike31539Mike31539 ReadingPosts: 1Member

    there is no EU beta key

    its all on the american servers

    my code worked perfectly

  • dalgasdalgas , AKPosts: 1Member
    If someone has got an extra key, I would be very happy to get it...
  • VaasMontenegroVaasMontenegro Frisco, TXPosts: 1Member
    Please send me a invite also. Thank you in advance
  • mickung1230mickung1230 bangkokPosts: 1Member

    who have code can share for me :(?

    My email


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