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House Valdyr

OneShotPaddyOneShotPaddy Chicago, GAPosts: 6Member Uncommon


House Valdyr is now seeking prospective Greed Monger players!


We're a gaming club spread across several games dedicated to having fun and supporting both players and developers. Joining the club allows you to play in a single clan in one game, or play across several clans/games with the same perspective on gaming.


In Greed Monger specifically we will be pre-purchasing an amount of land and entering beta. We are pooling our funds and the amount of land we acquire will be directly based on this and be used as a staging area for our member's properties and as a guild base. Anyone wishing to join us is welcome to be a part of the community and play in our other games until beta of Greed Monger. Donations are not required but any keys recieved from the kickstarter campaign will be given first to donators.

Those joining, please be aware we use Teamspeak daily (not required), however it is strongly reccommended as a tool to stay in the loop. If interested, please apply in the recruitment section at the site on the bottom of this post.



  • MogusMogus Anderson, OHPosts: 169Member

    That's pretty cool!

    Did you like Ultima Online? Then you'll LOVE Greed Monger!

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