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The Daggerfall Knights - Australian Guild Now Recruiting!

burdock2burdock2 CanberraPosts: 420Member Uncommon


Greetings fellow Daggerfall Covenants!


I would like to take this chance to offer you a fesh mug of Ale and sit with ye to welcome you into our auspicious Knighthood! Our Knighthood is a tolerant, social and friendly Guild where we strive and struggle to place the true empoerer onto the Ruby Throne!

We are based in Australia and will be an Oceanic Guild - however anybody from anywhere in the world is more than welcome to join, we may just not be in the same timezone all the time (pun intended).

There will be Mumble and Teamspeak available through this website, and I hope to build the Oceanic Community for ESO to make it a thriving guild come launch.

Please feel free to spread the word and extend a warm invitation to your family and friends!

I look forward to the coming months and maybe get to see some of you in BETA before Launch!


Check out the website at this address:

Heres Hoping!

Oh, and Well met! Welcome to the Daggerfall Knighthood!

Burdock Lightbringer

Commander - Daggerfall Knights.

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