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Convince me...

routesmanroutesman Ames, IAPosts: 60Member Uncommon

I have recently quit WoW due to the horrible game mechanic of rep grinds that is MoP... God, I hate rep grinds.  I've been playing Eve Online and Guild Wars 2 recently.  I'm looking for a new MMO to play when I'm not in the mood to play Internet Spaceships.  Something fun.  Something casual, but has some difficulty to it.

I've heard many good things about Rift; especially since the new expansion hit.  So I'm turning to the people who have played it and asking 2 requests that I'd like to get responses to:

1) Why should I buy Rift?

2) Why shouldn't I buy Rift?

I'm looking for information on why.  I want honest answers that show some thought.  AKA I don't want 'its a WoW clone' or 'its like WoW, only better'.  Tell my WHY its better.  Tell me why its not as good.  Frankly, I'd be impressed with reviews that don't even mention WoW or any other MMO.

Thank you for your time.


  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,102Member Uncommon

    Based on what you've just said.. you shouldn't buy Rift. It's not different 'enough'. You definately have themepark MMO burnout and should take a break from the genre for a bit. Don't drag it on by playing them part time on the side or by game hopping.. it's not how MMOs work. You'll be ready to invest in an MMO again quicker if you don't do that.

    If you have to ask people why you should or should not be playing an MMO, it's time for a break. You could have found out yourself why.. but you're so fed up of MMOs you don't feel like doing that.

    In a nut shell.. if you are fed up of WoW and have played it for a long time, the last thing you want to do is jump into Rift. Thats the exact reason it wasn't as well received at launch as it should have been. If WoW and Rift had released at the same time, or Rift released first.. things might have been different, but they arn't.

    This is coming from one of the most active Rift supporters on this site at the moment.

    Come back later when you are ready for the full mmo experience again. I doubt you'll recapture the magic doing it this way.

  • danwest58danwest58 Cincinnati, OHPosts: 1,681Member Rare
    Almost all MMOs today are WoW clones.  So based on that statement you dont want a WoW clone best not to play an MMO.  You want a reason to play Rift.  Simple they give you more choices in the game on what you can do than WoW does.  Rift's way of getting people in the world is zone events that are fun, hunter rifts, raid rifts, and great hunter rifts, WoW's way is dailies more dailies and yes more dailies.  
  • mWo4lifemWo4life pePosts: 119Member
    I'm not going convince anyone who is to lazy to check the free run of rift. Its free to lvl 20, check it yourself and decide if u like it or not.
  • YizleYizle Atlanta, GAPosts: 517Member
    Originally posted by mWo4life
    I'm not going convince anyone who is to lazy to check the free run of rift. Its free to lvl 20, check it yourself and decide if u like it or not.

    This is about as accurate as you can get. I have cancelled my sub for Rift sometime back. It was not a bad game and I really like the souls and basically not having to level up 10 alts. Being able to make so many combos on 1 character is nice.

    That all being said at max level like most games out there it is just rep/gear grind for the most part.


    And as for calling it a WoW clone is about like calling WoW an EQ clone.

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