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Crafting and Harvesting

Vagabond80Vagabond80 Mission, BCPosts: 36Member Uncommon

Alright I really like the idea of the game and have been searching for a game like this forever. Had a few questions if anyone can answer or if the Dev's want to chime in




Item decay yes or no?

Item crafting:

If I make 100 of the same recipe do i get 100 of the exact-same-damned-item? or is there randomness/customization in the item... based on what?

Items recipes:

Gated or not? As in can anyone make a sword but a beginner makes a pretty useless blade while a master makes... well a masterpiece.



Node based like just about any of the recent games or something a little more involved/immersive like the old UO system or something along the lines of Ryzom or the SWG system


iron ore is iron ore is iron ore. Or something a little more immersive like qualities that vary with time/place (like SWG again). Basically will a sword requrie 'metal' and then the type/quality of metal used determine stats etc? Or will iron sword require iron, brass sword require brass, supreme magical cleaver require blessed iron etc. (yes pulling names outta my arse)



To clarify my own tastes I love the sense of adventure and exploration when gathering resources. Not knowing where/what I am going to find and the hunt. meaning node gathering puts me to sleep. Crafting puts me to sleep too unless there is a level of customization that I as a player can place upon the item. If i make a stack of 100 of the identical item i'm not a crafter/artisan i'm an assembly worker.





  • RheanonRheanon Catskill Mountains, NYPosts: 126Member Uncommon

    It is my understanding that there will be item decay.  With respect to crafting methodology, below is a quote from the developer speaking to the direction the game is leaning toward.  This was posted in the GM boards.  Hope it helps.


    Crafting System Ideas


    So Matt and I have been discussing how we are going to make the crafting skills a little more interesting than just combining materials and done in a way that will actually take some skill. So, we've come up with some concepts we thought we would break down a bit here for your feedback before we begin coding them into the system.

    #1. Forging Weapons and Metals
    Once you have selected the materials you will be using for the weapon, your next step will be to actually forge the metal by folding it. To do this, you will be presented with the metal to be folded and click Begin Folding, at this point red dots will appear on the metal that you will have to hit successfully. Successful hits will increase the durability of the finished item.

    Your level of skill in Forging will determine how fast these dots appear and disappear.

    #2. Things like Alchemy will have a similar system but you will have to add the ingredients based on a timed meter bar with small red bars in it. As the triangle line moves to the right over these red bars, you will have that time to click the ingredient you wish to add. Doing so properly will increase the durability and or potency of the item of you are crafting. The red bars will be random, but the time the triangle line moves across the bar will be dictated by your skill level.

    That's basically what we are planning now.


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