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Is anyone out there...? (Need Friends!)

Lex_KnifeLex_Knife Boston, MAPosts: 22Member Uncommon

Hey! So my brother and I are making another venture into Vana'diel (feels like the fifth or sixth time). I have yet to purchase the game, but my brother already has and is playing on Odin. So, to help him out and myself for when I get on, I was wondering if there was anybody with a linkshell looking for a couple of new additions so we have people to play with.

My brother's character is a Mithran warrior named Paralax, so shoot him a /tell. I should be back in the game next week hopefully.


  • humperhumper motown, CAPosts: 12Member
    There's alot of people still on this game, just important to note these same people have alot of higher level toons. But dont be discourage, many of them have low level toons they also would like to level. The community is still excellent as the days of old.. (very helpful, and nice lot). Oh BTW everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving :)
  • humperhumper motown, CAPosts: 12Member
    Make sure to ask for a Linkshell as well... people have no trouble handing those out
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