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NYC Raid Live 11/21

OrtwigOrtwig Cambridge, MAPosts: 1,163Member Uncommon

Also a set of tweaks to fusang -- more I am sure to come:


PVP Notes from Test-Live 1.4.1

* Fixed an issue where the underdog custodians could sometimes go back into being shutdown after combat.
* Illuminati Turrets can now also be upgraded.
* Underdog custodians can no longer knock Gate turrets back.
* Underdog Custodians Cleave attack now deals damage.
* All Faction home bases now have a console that allows players to charge their underdog Custodian remotely.
* The entrances to the home bases are now protected by turrets.
* Increased the healing done by the underdog Custodian aura.
* Reduced the amount of anima shards needed to activate the underdog Custodian.
* It is no longer possible to heal the turrets protecting the facilities.
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