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1 6 friends looking for Coop, MMO, FPS any Online game

toksikstoksiks RigaPosts: 16Member Uncommon

We are 6 friends looking for something to play together simultaneously! We have been playing Payday The Heist (even tho we couldn't play all at the time), Team Fortress 2, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, San Andreas Multiplayer, Left 4 Dead 2, Minecraft and few others.


Thanks a lot! 


  • etlaretlar Posts: 686Member Uncommon

    considering you are 6 ppl, they might not all want to go buy the same game, so i would say try Hawken, it enters

    open beta dec. 12.  and is alot of fun in my humble opinion :)  (and f2p like LoL)

    they also have a closed beta 3 starting in 2 days or so, but that would imply you get 6 beta codes, which might be hard.

    Edit: lol almost forgot Planetside 2, it launches nov. 20  and is also free to play,  im sure 6 ppl could get alot of fun out of that game too.



  • toksikstoksiks RigaPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Well, that's our target to find something that everyone likes. Thanks for input, will check Planetside 2 because not sure if all of us will like Hawken.

  • OpapanaxOpapanax Rochester, NYPosts: 973Member
    Planetside 2 releases live this Tuesday and is free to play..


    PM before you report at least or you could just block.

  • mikethkmikethk svendborgPosts: 105Member

    Maybe Open TTD?


    Its fun Coop, but you can also compete about getting the best economy. 

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon

    Borderlands 2 is awesome..

    If you have a full group of 6.. I would say Vanguard Saga of Heroes.. its a game you can get lost in.. Its huge, you could play it a year and not see it all.

  • EvilskeyEvilskey Norfolk, VAPosts: 16Member

    For FPS the two big titles coming out within the next month that you should be looking into are Planetside 2 and Darkfall: Unholy Wars. Planetside 2 is going to be more along the lines of the futuristic vehicles / aircraft / and ground pounding with guns. Darkfall is going to be medieval fantasy with bows, melee weapons, and magic. Though unlike most medieval fantasy games, Darkfall isn't tab targeting but manual targeting with skill required shots in first person (and third person). 

    Planetside two is more about spawning at random spots with your gear already on or vehicle already fit out. You'll be able to spend points on upgrades and more gear obviously.

    Darkfall is more about creating / looting your own gear from npcs / other players. Full loot pvp meaning you can lose all your current gear or steal your enemies' gear as well.

    Both games have hundreds of more features not listed here obviously so feel free to read up on them some more and checking them out. I plan on playing both ^_^


    Oh and quick edit. I agree with the poster above me. Borderlands 2 is pretty badass as well, I've only played single player so far but plan to give multiplayer a try in the near future!

  • DrakadenDrakaden Quebec, QCPosts: 138Member Uncommon
    Firefall would be a good choice too, though i don't know when they will go open beta, plenty of videos about it on youtube if you want to do some researching and of course there's their web site if you want more informations.
  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    while i loath to say it, there is also salem which is in a closed beta right now (there are still 4k keys on this site right now for it) though its perma death-pvp. but coop with 6 people in that (once you figure out how everything works) is a huge bonus. 

    its really benifits from 2+ people working together.  though it might not be for everyone.  there are also f2p games on steam's green light if you feel up to trying some alpha/beta indi games (gear up is pretty fun. though alittle weird i found O-o kinda a robot/tank shooter game its alpha though so might have trouble getting keys for 6 people)


    best thing is to sit down with everyone and ask around what each person feels like and figure out what game(s) meet those kinds of wants

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  • aWRAYaWRAY Elk Grove, CAPosts: 84Member
    Check out Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Definitely fun to play with friends
  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by aWRAY
    Check out Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Definitely fun to play with friends

    Absolutely agree with this.  Five or six of my Darkfall clannies picked it up a few days ago, and it's a blast.  Off with your head.

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