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The Fate of Xsyon's Kickstarter

MirokataMirokata Saskatoon, SKPosts: 107Member

From the most recent set of "answers" in the Q&A:

Q: How is Kickstarter going, any clue about when it is going to take place? Is there any reason for current members to invest into Xsyon for that matter?

A: It's ready but was held off for tax reasons. There are many rewards that should interest current players from small Xsyon memorabilia to assisting with new object design.


Tax reasons.... I honestly don't even know what to say to that. Look at this little business beast go, tax planning and everything. Too bad Obama is back in office, Romney might have saved this company.

Small Xsyon memorabilia... lol, I could envision MrDDT getting pumped about wearing his Xsyon hat. Not sure it's going to persuade new customers though.

and my favourite part...

Assisting with new object design. Hey Jordi, remember when you sold pre-orders based on a feature list that contained this feature "Characters achieving the Supreme Master level of craftsmanship work with the Xsyon team to introduce a crafted item of their own design". Now you want people to give you more money to access that "feature"? Lol.


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