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Furcadia (don't shoot me)

HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

I am not sure how many are interested in hearing what's new with 16 year old MMORPG that pretty much has not updated significantly since day one (probably not many?).

But, if I can plug games and expansions that are not even out yet, then in fair-ness sake I feel I must also talk about even this game (since it was brought to my attention)....No matter how much plugging a fluffy furry MMO pains me (and frightens me with how scary nice they are). 

And, especially since they seem to have passed the half way point to their goal which shows it is not a lost cause. As well as the maker having been involved with ultima and other big titles. And the game Furcadia itself being recognized by the guinness book of world records as the longest running social MMO (  )...They are now making a real effort and I goto support that with at least a mention here.

So anyways...

Got an email today from furcadia (apperently they never forget any ones registered account info regardless of how long ago it was...this must have been...geeze 10 years ago i tried this game for a few weeks?).


The email was about them starting a kickstarter account to raise funds in order to make some massive updates. Here is the link for any interested in helping them a long


As it stands I don't view this game as worth the download time given that there are other options that offer the same thing with more ability and far superior graphics (I am not a graphics whore usually but when the difference is that big...yeah)....such as IMVU...or just about any browser based game you might be linked to through this or another site like this one in banner ads.


That said since it was brought to my attention earlier today I did revisit it and I have to say if it is brought into the modern age (mainly by giving it a lot more functionality that modern low end crank out Social MMO's have by default and are now for granted)... It may have a lot to offer... this is my summation of how it stands as it is:

- Fairly short download and install time.

- Easy account and charecter creation.

- Colorfull well done world and interface taking into consideration the graphical and overall technological level of the game.

- Large world with several maps to explore.

- Gaming rooms, Age rated areas, and roleplay regions.

- Player made content in the form of guild halls and sub-map hangouts (dreams as they call them). That are in their own right persistent.




  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Hampshire, AZPosts: 579Member Uncommon

    *Loads shells into shotgun*

    I kid, I kid.

    To find an intelligent person in a PUG is not that rare, but to find a PUG made up of "all" intelligent people is one of the rarest phenomenons in the known universe.

  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

    lol, I might in your place. It really is an entirely outdated PoS, imo. but they are trying and it is news (no matter how fringe) about what is technically an MMO *shrugs*. Especially if you watched their kickstarter video, you might feel like causing someone pain.


    They only want to upgrade to 32 bit (more colors and picels but essentially still 2d iso) and add things like friends lists (and possibly inventory) and some more dev tools for players making things. If they add some sort of uploading ability for iso images that would be good. The thing is there are a ton of these oldies out there. Say like Tibia (yes it's still around). And for the most part they are content to stay outdated. So when one stands up and says they want to come into the modern age (even if in baby steps). goto take notice at least.


  • Cephus404Cephus404 Redlands, CAPosts: 3,675Member Common
    Yeah, um... no.  Let's be honest about what Furcadia really is, it's a bunch of foul-mouthed kids hanging out in over-18 porn dreams having netsex.  It's a place for pedophiles to hang out, last I knew, and it's been a couple of years, they were dealing with a couple of cases of over-age men meeting with under-age girls.  Honestly, I haven't looked at it in many years now but I can't imagine it getting much better.

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  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare
    Any social site can have problems like that must admit I have never even heard of this one though. It does sound like they need to do a house cleaning before they ask for funds mind you!

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  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

    Woah, srsly? You know I did always feel a...I dunno creep factor about that game (probably why I didn't stay long and just went back to building in AW -Sl didn't exist then -)? Something about anthropromorphised animals as avatars, my mind makes a direct correlation to it being some how related to bestialty, lol. I mean we got furries in second life, and from what i know about them there, they are into some weird stuff (but nothing flat out wrong that i have heard of in sl anyways that holds any water).

    The only thing I distinctly remember from tfurcadia is that the whole world looks like sonic 3d for the genesis (a.k.a sonic on ice) and how ridiculously elaborate the avatars get for being in 16-bit 2d. When I revisted looks exactly the same as I remembred. I did have that same feeling I have when walking around the city in dead fronteir, something isn't right here, and be ready to shoot.

    Thing is I have to take that with a grain of salt, because you hear the same kind of stuff about second life, and imo (having been on sl for 4 years now), those rumors usually come from paranoid people who are not good at figuring things out, hate everything they see by default, and look to find bad where things are more neutral. And, yeah any online community can have it's weirdo's.

    still furcadia is...weird to say the least. and people are scary nice there. Like in that edward scissor hands or the burbs nieghboorhod kinda way.

    But even though it isn't my cup-o'-tea....I would ask (when on my threads) that people who make allegations come proof-in-hand, because defemation of character, possibly unduely is not cool. And, jumping on the rumour monger bandwagon is never good.


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