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F2P Impressions

Esquire1980Esquire1980 Stillwater, OKPosts: 544Member Uncommon

From a 2 CE owner (wife and I, both, sadly) who left TOR even before the 1st server merge.

Update and download went smoothly.  Upon logging in, I received notification that I was now a Tier 2, I believe it's called perferred, player which is the 2nd tier of F2P.  All of my 5 prior toons had access altho I have read that this will be limited to 2 in the near future.  So all toons were playable at this point in time.  I looked over the "Cartel Market" which didn't seem to have all that much in it, to be honest, as a former STO player used to their C-Store. I looked over and tried to remember and re-familiarize myself with powers/inventory/etc.  I did ck and all 3 of my banks were open and accessable. I cked on my guild which had been changed to a "F2P guild" which had no other members on except me, which I figured would be the case anyway.  I chose my main, a level 50 guardian, and as I had appearently logged out in the ship at The Black Hole Dailys, I headed there 1st.

Picked up all the dailys with the notible exception of the Black Hole Weekly.  It had a fly text stating I "was not elegible for this conversation".  I presume that this would be a unannounced F2P limitation and proceeded off for the dailys I could pick up.

Looking over the powers, it struck me that guardians were still the basic "WoW Warrior" with no self heals included (altho i think Warriors in WoW have a heal or 2 now) and are still stuck using the only companion that has some healing ability included, Doc.   I   noticed quite a few players in the instance and NPCs, at 1st, would be hard to come by for the kill 15 quests.  I ended up "camping" a spawn of 2 different sets while it seemed that everyone else was doing the same and got that part done.  Doing this, 1st thing I noticed was the missfires had not been fixed and keystrokes are still not Q-ed.  Hit a button 2-5 times to get a power to fire, about 1/2 the time the Global CD on the special came on without any DPS showing up on the target and no annimation.  The ones that did fire, the delay in getting the engine to register that I pushed a button was still there in all it's glory (1 -4 secs depending on how many other players were in the area).  And before any of the BioWare Defense Force gets here, I play on an Alienware Area 51, dual quad, 12 gigs of RAM, 7200 RPM HD with all the goodies attached, ON a T1 line that I have the entire network to myself - I don't get lag due to my rig or IP.  These very items were the "killer" of the entire game for me the 1st time around and they "killed" the experience yet again and quite fast this time around.  I actualy had to lol that almost after a year that these important gameplay items had not be adjusted and/or fixed.  Net result?  Log out and uninstall.

I have no idea who is even left over at BioWare after the mass exodus of players and developers of the last 8 months or so, but the one that I still see post from time to time is Matt Broudeau whom I knew of as "AdeptStrain" over in SWG.  This is the developer who coded the entire Appearance Tab for SWG, ALL on his off time.  I know he is experienced with MMOs, he does listen to his playerbase at times and will develope according to their wishes, and he certainly knows what is wrong with TOR and probably is just as well versed on how to fix it.

BioWare, I am sorry, but it was not a subscription rate of ANY amount that cost you your players.  It was the development design of your game and the problems with the mechanics of what you designed actualy "working as intended" or "working as expected" in a AAA MMO.  Unless these problems are fixed, your game becomes comproble in playability to what else is out there, and you actualy begin "fixing" all of this, I would believe your F2P will go about as well as your player retainage went.  And, that was all you needed to do in the 1st place, was fix the game.  Instead?  Put in all this work, development time, and effort into F2P and leave all the reasoning(s) intact for why the millions left in the 1st place.  /sad 


  • gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    Well, I decided giving it a go, despite the reviews. My idea was "well, maybe it sucks as an MMO, but it's Bioware; the story must be good. I can always play a few stories ala single player game, and if the actual MMO gameplay sucks it was free".

    So I started the download.

    3 days later it's still downloading? Pardon? I got a very good connection. I am used to need a couple of hours to download a full game and here, 3 days later I am still not done?

    What kind of hardware are these guys using?

    Honestly, this is the first time I decide trying a game and decide "I pass" even before starting it.


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  • Sp00shSp00sh Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 48Member
    I bought the CE, played for a good long while, quit because the game sucked.  I was paying subscription for a crap game.  Now that it is F2P I thought the game would be worth while, until I find they nerf your experiance gained after lvl 10.  Now, I will never play this shit again.  Epic Fail Bioware.
  • TillerTiller Posts: 5,751Member Rare
    Originally posted by Sp00sh
    I bought the CE, played for a good long while, quit because the game sucked.  I was paying subscription for a crap game.  Now that it is F2P I thought the game would be worth while, until I find they nerf your experiance gained after lvl 10.  Now, I will never play this shit again.  Epic Fail Bioware.

    lol I know how you feel. It's almost like they are punishing the folks who try it for free for them being forced into making it F2P.

    SWG pre-cu vet, elder Jedi, elder BH -Bloodfin

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