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PvP November update

livespartanlivespartan calexico, CAPosts: 71Member

Daily and monthly Achievements added to PvP

New stats in the PvP window

QP leaderboards

Revision to tournament rewards

We’ve reorganized the PvP browser hot-join maps so that some are 5-on-5 and some are the current 8-on-8.  We’ve made this change so that people who want to play 5-on-5 instead of 8-on-8 in public maps have the option to do so.

/rank is back!!


  • QSatuQSatu WarsawPosts: 1,741Member Uncommon
    I'm not a big fan of sPvP but I actually can't wait to try this new map. And I'm starting to think that running tournaments would be a cool way to farm a little bit of gems.
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