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Need Some Expert Advice Concerning Souls

nate1980nate1980 Evans, GAPosts: 1,873Member Uncommon

My favorite/ideal class in any game has always been a hybrid spellblade/battlemage, whatever you want to call it. More specifically, a Sith. Love shooting lightning, using other "magical" type powers, while being adept in melee range as well. If you understand the allure of the flexible playstyle and what I'm talking about, perhaps you all can help me choose between the two characters I've created, so I don't leave the game in a week from repeating the same quests on both characters to find out on my own.

My first character is a Tempest/Riftblade/Reaver - I have points maxed out in Tempest, the rest in Riftblade, and none in Reaver. I use purely Tempest active skills, and whatever Riftblade buffs are available, and zero Reaver abilities. My typical battle is me casting lighting from range, and I rarely get a melee strike off. I do like that I get to wear heavy armor, since heavy armor typically looks the most badass late game. I don't like that almost the entire fight is done from range, since it makes me feel less like a hybrid and almost all mage. 

My second character is a Harbinger/Stormcaller/Chloromancer - I have points maxed out in Harbinger, the rest in Stormcaller, and none in Chloromancer. I can use the starter skill from Chloromancer to debuff the enemy target for some heal procs if I want without spending any points. I start a fight with a ranged lightning attack from Stormcaller, then I have to run up to the mob to use my Harbinger abilities to finish them off. I like that I'm using abilities from all my souls, but I don't like having to chase down a target. That's only the case with ranged targets mind you. I also like that I summon my own weapons, although I think eventually I'll get bored looking at the same weapon skin. I do like the cloth armor, since it's more "Sith" like, but it has its obvious drawbacks as a melee fighter. 

So you all see the problem I'm having. I'm seeing pros and cons from both characters, enough so that there's no clear distinction of which will suit my playstyle later in the game where I'll have more abilities to use and my character is more fleshed out. 

In case you're wondering and if it'd help, what I'm looking for is a character that pulls with lightning based abilities, then once they get into range, I fight them with my sword. I'd like to have various other utility abilities that make life more interesting and easier, such as some survivability/dmg buffs, escapes, and a self heal. I expect nothing more than medium survivability given the hybrid nature of my playstyle. I also expect nothing more and prefer actually that my ranged dmg and melee dmg is moderate, instead of having 1 type high dmg and the other low. If there has to be one or the other, I do prefer to have my melee dmg higher than my ranged dmg, as my ranged dmg is more of a flavor thing for me. Something to pull a mob with out of a pack, and/or kill him if he starts to run away.


  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    So you want help deciding which will be your main? Both builds are a lot of fun and offer similar mechanics with unique styles and looks.

    If I were in your position, I would look at what else each calling has to offer and choose that way.

    Warriors can also have multiple tanking builds and melee dps builds. Mages can also have multiple caster builds, support builds, and a healing build. Id consider which roles and playstyles you like besides the one you're torn between and go with the calling that has those other styles.

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon

    Both are good combinations.

    I'd go the mage route though. 8 points into Chloro can get you a nice autoheal buff and and instant cast heal (Bloom). Using Eldritch Armor your Thunderbolt from Stormcaller will proc for instant cast a lot. Icicle will proc for instant cast and extra damage a lot as well because most harbinger abilities are Air (see Storm Shard in the Stormcaller tree). Plus, the Harbinger attacks are very macroable.. making managing the mechanics easy as pie. You can also keep Charged Blade active almost all the time by adding it to the front of your main macro: cast [notactive] Charged Blade

    .. if you have other charge builders in there that arn't blade attacks it will be on all the time. Firing off Thunderbolt and Icicle when they proc for instant cast will do this.

    Try this build:

    I'm going to be trying that out myself as soon as I finish this reply. It's highly self healing, good single target and AOE DPS.. with a bit more self healing added in there.

    I know you want to pull with lightning.. but it would make much more sense to pull with Withering Vine for the healing it gives. If you don't need that extra healing though, pull with Thunderbolt or Raging Storm.


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