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Keg Brawl Guild!

SereliskSerelisk somewhere, NYPosts: 836Member


I'm looking for more players to join Brawl Capital [PUNT]! 

As hopefully all of you know, there exists inside the wonderful world of Tyria large, fantastical capital cities. And in these awesome capital cities are awesome activities! Or atleast, there's supposed to be. As in, more than 1 activity... plural... but there isn't! [grumpy face] However, the one that DID make it into the game at launch is SUPER amazing!  If you haven't already, go check it out! It's in the Norn capital city of Hoelbrak, by the western frozen lake. 

For those of you that do know and thoroughly enjoy the game, we're looking for more players like you! There's fewer people everyday who play through and enjoy this activity, it seems. So this guild serves as a roster for anyone looking for a list of potential players to PM and get into a game with. Players from ANY server are welcome as Keg Brawl is a cross server activity, and with a team nuetral emblem, you can beat the other guys butt with style! The only requirement is that you represent the guild while you're playing Keg Brawl! We're the elite players at this sport and we want everyone else to know that too! So private message me in game or on this forum if you're interested!

In game name is Serelisk. 

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